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By using safe, pure natural minerals as the basis for its technology, Superior Aqua Systems developed a purification system that can greatly reduce the amount of dangerous and costly chemicals that you use. The system is applied to any size swimming pool or spa.

The ClearWater Pool Purifier ionization system is easy to maintain. A simple test, included with the system, measures the amount of ions in the water. If the reading is high, simply turn the control knob down a notch. Similarly, if the reading is low, turn the control knob up a notch. It's that simple! Only an occasional non-chlorine oxidizer is required to burn off body oils, suntan lotion and other organic contaminants.

Unlike chlorine, these ions have a long lasting residual in the water and are not affected by weather conditions or bather load. Purifying water the way nature intended it!

Contact us to consider the important factors, such as the amount of gallons to be purifed, flow rate, pipe size and water temperature.

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